The style of Heels dance lessons varies a lot depending on the teacher. Heels lessons are characterized by feminine movements and finding different body lines. You can attend the classes as you wish, even with the highest heels you own, but heels are not compulsory to attend this class.


Commercial or so-called commercial dance, is a type of fusion that gives all the hype you need. Commercial choreographies are often "stage dances," and choreographs are usually made to hip-hop and pop music.

Hip Hop

Hip hop is a street dance genre born in New York in the 70s. Hip-hop culture today is a global, constantly evolving and changing phenomenon. Hip-hop, which as a dance is based on various bounces and grooves, can be divided into several subcategories such as old school and new school. Hiphop is a dance style, and a diverse and big part of culture is community, musicality and the production of one's own movement, ie improvisation.


Latin choreo

As the name implies, Latin choreo lessons teach together a choreography snippet that is practiced 2 times, followed by a new choreography turn. The step patterns of the choreography are combinations e.g. samba, Cha Cha chaasta, rumba, jivesta, salsa, etc.


LatinFit classes are designed to make sweat flow. This is a Latin lesson combined with a Fit lesson, so elements of e.g. aerobics. The dances danced in the lessons repeat a lot of the same movement patterns, so it's easy to keep up with the lessons. Come enjoy the joy of dancing!

Latin30 +

A dance class for adults, where Latin dances are danced in basic steps and with good mood. Dance sports include e.g. samba, cha cha chaa, salsa, bachata, regeton, etc. It's easy to keep up with the lessons, and what's more wonderful on Sundays from 5pm to 6pm to throw the challenges of the next week out of your mind for a moment. So come also enjoy the therapeutic side of dance!


Disco dancing is a fast-paced energetic dance that involves big jumps, kicks, hand movements, and explosive choreography.

Disco beginner classes practice the basic movements and techniques of disco dance.


Dancehall is a dance and music culture that developed from reggae around the 70s and 80s. The class will introduce you to the social dance style that comes from the streets of Jamaica and the parties that take place in them. The Dancehall lesson goes through the dancehall moves (steps, moves), we practice the movement language, flow, energy and attitude characteristic of the style, and we train these through choreographies and series.


Soft flow is an opening exercise in which you move gently, guided by breathing. Promises warmth, softness and a sense of space. Soft flow is a hatha-based flow in which slow movement is done by listening to one's own breath and body, tying the movements together. The principle is to make every movement gentle and unique to itself. The lesson begins with meditation, and breathing exercises, from which you move to a gentle flow section between asanas with complete stopping. The class ends with a relaxing savannah with a sound bowl relaxation. Suitable for everyone.

Flow is a dynamic and flowing exercise in which movements are combined into different sets of movements led by breathing. Flow develops mobility and strength. Sweat drops, creativity and challenge are promised with different balances and inversions. The lesson ends with a slower and calming series that drains its savagery with sound bowl relaxation. We hope you have previous experience with yoga, even if you are still at the beginning of your yoga trip (it is good to start with soft flow).

Yin is a restorative and therapeutic form of yoga that calms the body and mind. It lets go of all the performance and Yin does a good counterbalance to dynamic yang-type exercise. In Yin, you stop for about 2-5 minutes at a time to open the asanas. Asanas are supported by aids so that we get support and the body is as relaxed as possible. Evening night hours shed the tensions of the day and take you towards a restful night's sleep. Suitable for everyone.


Juniors classes teach the essential basic movements of dancing. Juniors classes also teach you to dance to the beat of the music and to use your own creativity. This class allows you to develop your own self-confidence and presentation skills.


Adults classes are suitable for dancers over the age of 18. The lessons cover different dance genres, as well as practice technique, expression and performance skills.

Dance Kids

Dance Kids teach expression and performance skills, technique and dance to the beat of music.